Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So Many Reasons

This evening I decided to be alone with my thoughts on my nature walk. I listened to sounds around me and was able to get lost in my thoughts. This evening was about me and my strides.

As I walked I realized that there are so many reasons why we allow ourselves to become overweight and why we sabotage ourselves. We often tell ourselves that losing weight is too difficult and often failed diet after failed diet proves this to us. We often get so preoccupied in taking care of others that we put ourselves on the back burner. For some, weight gain is a result of a catastrophe or heartbreak they have dealt with in their life. Others go to food to fill a void within and to make them feel good. Let's face it some people gain weight simply because they enjoy eating. I can certainly understand that.

Some find reasons as to why they can't get moving. We just ended a harsh winter that made it difficult for some to get out and walk or even leave their homes because of the snow. Summer is approaching and pretty soon some will find that it is just too hot to be outside. At the end of a long day some people are just too tired to exercise or cook a healthy meal.

As you can see reasons can be endless. We can all find reasons not to do something - we can find them very easily.

On the other hand there are endless reasons for taking control of your life, and getting fit and healthy. Here are some reasons that came to me on my walk today:
  1. YOU are worth it!
  2. YOU deserve it
  3. Life is made to live to the fullest
  4. There are no limits to life except for the ones YOU create
  5. YOU are not alone - we are here to help YOU
  6. It's really not that difficult

Are you ready to take control now?

Love to all - xoxoxo

YOU Gal Stacy

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fitness Friday

This is YOU Gal Toni, recently I decided that although late in the game, I needed to introduce weight training into my routine. I’ve lost 40 pounds, but notice that I’ve got a little jiggle going on and want to firm things up. When we appeared on the show the second time, Dr. Oz gave us resistance bands and suggested that we use them in addition to our 10,000 steps. Dr. Roizen had suggested via email that I do lunges and squats. Another Wellness Warrior, Bonnie, had a killer routine that she has posted on facebook, but I decided that I needed some real hands-on training.

What I did was schedule an appointment with a trainer named David at the fitness center at work. The session was only 30 minutes and it was free, so I left my desk, changed, let David know that I was there and I got on the treadmill as I arrived about 10 minutes early. As I ran, I thought, I’ve got this in the bag, 30 minutes, who can’t do 30 minutes?

David came and got me from the treadmill and we headed over to the dreaded free weight section of the gym. We talked and established exactly what it was that I wanted to accomplish. We finished the conversation understanding that I don’t want to be buff like my Olympian cousin, Mechelle Lewis of the 2008 US Olympics Track and Field team, although she is beautiful.

We started with form; my goal was to be approximately 1 inch away from a mirror moving my body into a seated position without ever touching the mirror. We practiced that several times and I got better, so I moved onto actual squats while holding a 35 pound bar. What I liked most about this exercise is that I had a target. I had to get my butt on the bench and get back up.

We moved onto leg presses, and for some odd reason David believed that I could press 160 pounds with my legs, and then he thought that I could press 90 pounds with just 1 leg. As I was working he said, “I’m going to work you today, tomorrow you’ll feel it and Saturday you won’t be able to walk!” Whoa! I explained that I needed to run a 10K on Saturday. David announced then that we needed to stop. Part of me said, Stop? We are just getting started! But the other part said, Thank you, lawd! Later that day, I posted my feelings on facebook. My friends and family said how proud they were of me, and they reassured me that I can do it. I knew that this was hard work.

I woke up the next day only to feel pain in my legs and neck, but this was good pain, the kind that you get when you know that you’ve been working. As I sit here and reflect, I would like to partially quote R. Kelly, who said, “My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes.” My mind is telling me, Toni are you serious? Really?! But my body is saying, Let’s do this! For that reason I’m going to keep going.

When times get rough for you or starting seems to be difficult, remember that you can do it. Don’t forget to solicit help from friends and family that have your back. For those who are negative, I’ve always been told “let your haters be your motivators.” Work to prove them wrong, but most of all, work to accomplish your goal because YOU are worth it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

YOU Gals Success - Karlene

YOU Gals believes that celebrating success is the key as celebrations often denote milestones in life. As we have ventured on our first 90 Day Waist Loss Challenge we want to celebrate Karlene who has been able to drop 21 pounds and 7 inches from her waist in the first 60 days of our 90 day challenge. Since Karlene was doing so well we wanted her to share her story with you:

How did you get started with YOU Gals?
I am a big fan of the Dr. Oz show I tape and watch the show all the time. Everyday I would tell myself that I was going to follow the program. The only problem was I would start and stop and I needed to get the new book and workout DVD. I decided to get started and while on the web site and reading the Dr. Oz blogs. I read the blogs from the housewives of Virginia when I got to Toni Winston I realize that she listed her e-mail address. At first I was a little hesitant but on January 28, 2010 I took the chance and sent an e-mail. And to my surprise she answered me right back I couldn't believe it. I was so excited after talking for a bit she told me that they were getting ready to start a 90 day challenge starting February 01, 2010 I was jumping with excitement and I said yes sign me up please. So I took a before picture got my weight and waist measurement and I was ready to get started.
What has helped you the most on the plan?
In watching the Dr. Oz show each day I see the result over and over again with the different guest that come on the show. So the fact that I have one of the show's success story now helping me walk through my journey is a big help talking with her makes me feel like I can definitely make it down this road and achieve my goals. The fact that I need to send in my food log daily and my steps of 10,000 every night keeps me going I can't just put it off and say that I will do it later. If during my food log I've eaten something that was not good for me, Toni will gently suggest a better option.

What has been your biggest obstacle?
My biggest obstacle as happen to me twice since I started this journey. Weeks 4 and 8 when I got on the scale the numbers didn't move and I was crushed to say the least. I have been working hard and just couldn't understand why the numbers on the scale or tape measure didn't move. When I turned in my daily report I was so disappointed and didn't even want to send it in.

How did you overcome that obstacle?
Well I sent in my report and Toni said not to worry because I didn't gain any weight either and just keep up the good job that I was doing. So I am not quiet over it just yet but I am working on it. I am determined not to let it hold me back I just plan to up the game even more, because stopping now would not allow me to reach my goals.

What advice do you have for others looking to lose weight?
The first thing that I will say is you have to be doing this for yourself, because it is what you want and need. There will always be temptation in your path sometimes daily or even more than that. If you're like me who has been talking about doing this for a long time or even started and stopped about a million times but something gets in the way. Since I have started this 90 day challenge I have told family and friends what I am doing like it says to do in the book YOU: One a Diet. But to me that seems to make things harder or even worse. In my family there is always food and drinks when we get together. I have a real bad sweet tooth and they have made it a point to put the cakes, pies, cookies ice cream right in my face and they even send me to the store to pick up the birthday cake then they need me to cut the cake. This is usually my weakness but not this time. I told myself that all the cakes, pies, cookies and ice cream will always be there and so will the weight if I let myself fall off the journey that am on just to eat something that I already know is no good for me. After all it was eating those things that got me in this position in the first place. So I say to myself that the sweets will always be there and so will this weight if I continue to eat the things that are no good for me. So loosing the weight is more important to me than the piece of cake. I can remember how good the sweets taste, but what I want to remember and feel is how good it will be not to struggle with finding something to wear and not shop in the plus size section and pay more for my clothes. So believe that if you want something then you can get it with hard work and determination. Any thing worth having is worth fighting for so go for it YOU are worth it.

Help us celebrate Karlene as she continues her journey. We'd like to celebrate a job well done!

Do you want to congratulate Karlene? If so reach out to her at she'd love to hear from you.