Monday, August 30, 2010

Meal Automation

Early on YOU Gals talked about automating your meals and how automation was key to successful weight loss and maintenance. Well anyone who knows me knows that I like to start off making sure that we are all on the same page so I want to start by first defining automation:


Definition of AUTOMATION
: the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically
: the state of being operated automatically

In the book YOU: One a Diet I so love this statement as I can see myself. It suggests that you Pick, Stick and Automate then it goes onto say:

"Yeah, sure, variety may be the spice of life, but it can also be the death of dieting. When you sit down at diner and are presented with a menu that's the size of a phone book, it's easy to give in. One way to get away from fat bombs is to eliminate choices for at least one meal a day. Pick the one meal you rush through most and automate it. For most people, it's lunch. So find a healthy lunch you like - salad with grilled chicken and olive oil or turkey on whole grain bread - and have it for lunch every day. Every day. Yes, every day."

That' so my friend, mentor and coach Dr. Roizen speaking as I can hear the frankness in his message. I am one of those folk who like variety but I will say that variety has gotten me in trouble in a few ways, one being failure to plan ahead. The idea of automating will allow me to know what I'm eating at all times and will allow me to have the food available and on hand and eliminate the guess work. It would also eliminate the need for me to want to skip meals.

I often feel that I'm in a rush and I'm moving really fast trying to cover a lot of ground and recently I decided that instead of grabbing something bad that I would just not eat anything at all. Well I stand here today saying that one is no better than the other and this is why meal automation is important. Automating meals takes the guess work out of eating and eliminates feelings of angst, uncertainty, hunger and even failure. Meal automation is just like having a map it guides you through this journey and like GPS it's designed to not steer you wrong. If you are thinking that automation isn't for me because I like variety I suggest you pick up to three different items that are easy or similar that can help you maintain the plan. Here are some examples of my automated meals:

2 boiled eggs
Egg white Omelet
Piece of fruit

Turkey Sandwich with mustard on whole wheat bread with a fruit cup
Salad with deli turkey and a fruit cup
Cup of chili

Dinners aren't meals that I don't wish to automate but my options are pretty consistent as they are lean meats like fish, chicken and turkey, veggies, whole grain and fruits. So as stated in the book, find that meal that you would consider on the go, on the run or not as important and automate it.

Remember planning is key, automating makes it easy and keeping it simple sets you up for success, so Pick, Stick & Automate!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Are YOU Accountable?

You often hear that no man is an island and that it takes a village to raise a child, but often times when challenges arise we responds with "I've got this!" We often feel that others have let us down so we have no choice but to do it ourselves because no one can do it quite like you right?

Well not so, everyone needs somebody. Here at YOU Gals we have learned that our greatest success has come from leaning on each other. As friends we often confide in each other and share dreams and goals. When you share you have someone that can help you with your goal and help you keep your focus to get there. Let's be clear that everyone isn't going to be on the same page as you so you will need to make sure that who you choose to share with is like minded, positive and goal oriented.

YOU Gals Stacy and I have always talked about wanting to lose weight, at one point we decided that we would join a weight loss group and attend the meetings separately. We would talk about it occasionally but hadn't committed to really participating together and with that our goal for weight loss dwindled until we decided to pick it up again.

Almost 12 months ago we decided to go on a weight loss journey together with the help of the Dr. Oz show and fellow showmate Brooke Page. Throughout our journey we had to check in daily with our food and steps and weekly with our weight and waist measurements. It was the same thing that we ask those of you who participate in our challenges and waist loss plans. It was accountability. Yes there were days when I may have been close to my goal and wanted to give up but because I knew that my mentor and coach Dr. Roizen was waiting to hear from me it pushed me to meet or exceed my goal. I was being accountable and Dr. Roizen had committed to be there for me until I reached my goal.

What I have come to learn is that accountability is key. Like they say when the cats away the mouse will play. What do I mean by that? Well when no one is asking how many steps, how much weight, how is that waist or what are you eating it's easy to slip back into old habits. What I do know is that at some point you must mature and hold yourself accountable for your actions and make this a lifestyle but until you can get to that point connect with someone that can help you get where you are going even if that takes a lifetime.

Do you want the YOU Gals to help you? Reach out to us as we are here to help YOU!

Happy Stepping Everyone!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Are you a Talker or a Doer?

Have you ever been engaged in a conversation where someone is talking about their plans to lose weight and become more active, they are so excited and have such detailed plans as to how they will be accomplishing their goals. This conversation is so inspiring that even you feed off their excitement and begin to craft your own plan on successful weight loss. You guys sit there and discuss the latest fad diets that you think may work for you, or maybe you consult the Internet for healthy living advice, or better yet you guys reach for your credit cards and and look to purchase a weight loss plan that have proven results as seen on TV.

Well here we are about a week or maybe a month later and you two are talking over a grease filled, highly caloric and artery clogging meal revisiting your initial conversation about your great weight loss plans. Oh but this time you guys were more health conscience and opted for that Diet Cola along with that 2000+ calorie meal.

Does that sound like YOU? At some point or another we have all been guilty of being talkers. It's wonderful to talk up a great plan and desire change yet it's another story to actually implement it and stick to it.

The truth is, it is not that difficult to evolve from being a talker to being a doer. What is necessary in order to switch over is to arm yourselves with the proper tools, an action plan and a positive attitude.

The day you decide to be a doer is the day you begin to implement healthy eating into your daily routine, you make the conscience effort to get physical activity in daily, and you decide that YOU are worth the change. As a doer you understand that the road ahead may be challenging however you do not quit at the sight of trouble instead you push through the hard times and revel in the good ones. As a doer you constantly seek guidance and learn from mistakes. You endure, push forward and never take no as an answer.

Are YOU a talker or a doer? Do You want help to transition from being a talker to a doer? If so, email us immediately and we promise to help you transition to being the doer YOU can be!

Let's no talk about it but be about it!!! The choice is yours.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Winning Over Portions

This week I was just thinking about how I had overcome my love of a lot of food. I use to tell folk that I was a food connoisseur because I have a great love for food but it has to be good food. Almost a year ago good food to me was deep fried, smothered, covered and saucy. Being full meant that I needed to sit at the table just a little while longer with my pants unbuttoned so that I could get myself together and catch my breath from that good meal but it also meant that after one good belch that there was room for some dessert.

At my job we have this place we call "The Lodge" it's in our meeting facility and if you have meetings scheduled in the facility your group can participate in "The Lodge Lunch" this lunch is like a buffet there are hot entrees, two chef stations, soup and salad bar, desert bar, sandwich bar, ice cream station and fountain drinks. You walk in and there are options galore and all you need is your free "to you" lunch ticket and your options are endless.

I remember the days when I would get my to go container which has 5 sections and I would fill each section to the top, fill a 12 oz cup with fresh fruit a 6 oz cup with two slices of lemon cake and get one cup of soda. How I was able to juggle all this food and bring it back to my desk, who knows but I was sure to get it there without one morsel being dropped. Well this week I was fortunate enough to go to the Lodge and I was happy about that free lunch but this time I noticed that my plan of attack had changed vastly. I walked around, accessed the menu options and prepared my to go container. This time I had brown rice from the buffet, chicken and peppers from the fajita station with guacamole and salsa and it was all in one section. I then visited the salad bar and got some fresh fruit which I often save for my afternoon snack. Once I prepared my lunch I closed the container and I was done. I was sitting at my desk thinking about all those times that I had filled that container to the max with who knows what and had eaten it all just because I could. When I looked back at my actions this time I was proud as it was a lesson learned, a lesson that I will be sure to repeat.

Please remember that just because you are at a buffet doesn't mean that you are slave to the options. Access the options, make great choices and and remember to eat to live, don't live to eat.
Happy eating everyone!