Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So Many Reasons

This evening I decided to be alone with my thoughts on my nature walk. I listened to sounds around me and was able to get lost in my thoughts. This evening was about me and my strides.

As I walked I realized that there are so many reasons why we allow ourselves to become overweight and why we sabotage ourselves. We often tell ourselves that losing weight is too difficult and often failed diet after failed diet proves this to us. We often get so preoccupied in taking care of others that we put ourselves on the back burner. For some, weight gain is a result of a catastrophe or heartbreak they have dealt with in their life. Others go to food to fill a void within and to make them feel good. Let's face it some people gain weight simply because they enjoy eating. I can certainly understand that.

Some find reasons as to why they can't get moving. We just ended a harsh winter that made it difficult for some to get out and walk or even leave their homes because of the snow. Summer is approaching and pretty soon some will find that it is just too hot to be outside. At the end of a long day some people are just too tired to exercise or cook a healthy meal.

As you can see reasons can be endless. We can all find reasons not to do something - we can find them very easily.

On the other hand there are endless reasons for taking control of your life, and getting fit and healthy. Here are some reasons that came to me on my walk today:
  1. YOU are worth it!
  2. YOU deserve it
  3. Life is made to live to the fullest
  4. There are no limits to life except for the ones YOU create
  5. YOU are not alone - we are here to help YOU
  6. It's really not that difficult

Are you ready to take control now?

Love to all - xoxoxo

YOU Gal Stacy

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