Sunday, October 24, 2010

Create A Smart Walking Plan

Each time you skip walking you cheat yourself of a chance to get fit. Surveys have confirmed that lack of time is the main reason for skipped workouts. Today we wish to share with you how to take advantage of the time you have but may not realize it. Once you discover what is holding you back and how to overcome it you are sure to be gearing up to walk each day.

Below we wish to share 8 ways that you can get your walking groove back or keep it on track.

1. Make a commitment. Think of walking like eating. It's required to live.

2. Forget the all or nothing philosophy. If your goal is 30 minutes but you don't have 30 to give at one time break up the walks with a goal of getting 30 minutes in throughout the day.

3. Eliminate negative thoughts. Stop listening to yourself with the "I'm not up to it", "I have other things to do" or "I'll do it tomorrow. Listening to these thoughts could cause you to give in and not walk.

4. Schedule your walks. Each week find times that will work for your schedule for that week making you a priority.

5. Go with the flow. So you scheduled the walk but something came up and you didn't get to go, that's okay create a new plan of action but be sure to get it in that day.

6. Slow and steady win the race. Don't start out thinking that you are going to walk 5 miles in the first setting on the first day. Take is slow and access your abilities and gradually increase the length, distance and time of your walk.

7. Walk with a friend. Finding time to walk with a friend helps to keep you accountable as well as pass the time away. Once you take the time to catch up with a friend you don't realize how far you have really gone.

8. Make it fun. You don't want this to feel like a chore so take this time to walk your dog, jam to the latest tunes or like we said at point 7 you can catch up with a friend.

Here at YOU Gals we believe that 10,000 steps is key to weight loss and healthy living, so lace up those sneakers and join us as we walk it out!

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