Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Sometimes there comes a time in our lives when we feel stuck. We become stagnant and comfortable and we no longer realize that we aren’t pursuing our goals/ hopes/ dreams at full throttle like we once did. Many things could trigger this stand still, the key is to realize that we are no longer moving forward or to realize that our speed and passion has dwindled and to reassess our current situation and be willing to make changes.

It’s moments like these that we need to review our goals and ask ourselves if they still make sense to us. This may require some prioritizing and shifting around on our part. This certainly requires an honest conversation with oneself as to why you have drifted from your goals and what is making you feel stuck. Once you find that answer its time to implement. Finding the answer is a lot easier than you think. It just requires some one on one quite time with yourself to sit and think.

You may be wondering what inspired this blog? Well recently I found myself in this very situation in regards to my weight loss. I’ve found that I allowed myself to get comfortable and I allowed circumstances and distractions to throw me off course just a little. Subconsciously, I allowed myself to think that I’ve come a long way; I am pleased with my results and have encountered many great experiences because of it however this mental attitude caused me to slow down along my journey. I had to realize that my journey is far from over. I still have a set amount of pounds I am looking to drop and more muscle I want to build not to mention other physical goals I want to meet.

Just how do you get back on track when your feeling stuck? Here is what I needed to do:

First, I had to go old school and pull out that pen and paper and jot down my goals again. Not only did I write down my goals but I had to write out how I plan to achieve them. For me this meant plotting out when I was going to meet with my trainer, when I was going to do my walking, and which exercise classes (dates/ times) I was planning on attending, and which days I was heading to the supermarket.

Next I had to sit down with the hubby to work out a schedule that worked for all of us – in the course of getting yourself healthy you don’t want to neglect those around you that love and support you.

The only thing left was implementation. I have come to learn that sticking to a schedule is the most effective and efficient mechanism for me. It ensures I am not frivolously wasting time or chasing my tail in circles, instead it helps me stick close to my goals and move forward.

So if anyone of YOU is feeling stuck or stagnant don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead, take a minute for yourself to think about what YOU want, make a plan and then run full throttle.

You Gal Stacy

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