Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Embrace your Body

YOU Gals are about getting healthy both inside and out. We are all about making healthy food choices and helping you to achieve your optimal good health. We are about fighting obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

This does not mean that we are on a mission to be the next size 2 models to grace the runways in Paris. Although I will say we are pretty hot!! LOL. I have come to realize that wherever you are in your journey love yourself for who you are in that moment of time. Embrace your curves that mimic an hourglass, love those thick thighs, and round buttocks and child rearing hips. Why you ask? Because all these things make up YOU. YOU are divine and unique, there is only one YOU and YOU are blessed to be alive. We spend way too much time complaining about the way we look and trying to achieve what society claims to be beautiful. This mentality has left us discouraged and depressed and feeling as though we cannot compare. Truth be told we are all beautiful in our own ways. Physical attributes do not and should not define us - it is the beauty within each of us that defines who we are and draws others in.

Think of all the hardwork each of you are putting in on your journey to health and wellness. YOU have all come such a long way and should be proud of where you stand in this moment of time. YOU have proven to yourselves that anything can be accomplished with a willing mind, YOU have tranformed your minds and bodies, YOU are beating the odds. Be proud and love the body you are currently in. Results take time to show, YOU will have the body you want in due time but at this moment take the time to love who you are and the body YOU have.

I have curves and swerves and I love them! I will continue on my weight loss journey but I am not looking to have a body that resembles a young boy - real women have curves embrace them, love them and love who you truly are.

One love
YOU Gal Stacy

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