Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cookout Survival Tips

Summer is here! As are endless cookout invites! The temptations can be great and overwhleming to say the least. However, there is hope and there are ways to avoid the pitfuls of summer cookouts.

If your plans involve attending a cookout try these tips below:

• Eat before going to the cookout. Leaving your house feeling satisfied will help cut down on over indulgences.

• Pack those snacks. Don't be embarrassed to pull out that bag of nuts and munch away. Nuts such as walnuts and almonds help to keep you feeling full.

• Reach for a bottle of H2O. The sun is in full force and you can easily get dehydrated - please stay hydrated. Need a little flavor? Try one of the many Crystal Light flavors and add it to your water bottle.

• Chew some sugar free gum. Sometimes when we see people grazing we feel like we need to join in. Chewing gum will keep your mouth moving and can help to curb your desire to eat junk.

• Opt for the healthier options available: salad, grilled chicken, turkey burgers, corn on the cob, fruits.

What happens if the cookout only has burgers and hotdogs? PANIC... NOT! This is what YOU Gal Stacy suggests:

• Grab the burger opt for no bun, no ketchup. Take the onions, tomatoes, lettuce, veggies that are available there and make a salad for yourself. Ask if the host has some balsamic vinegar and evoo and mix that with some Dijon Mustard - there you have a wonderful dressing.

• Afterwards enjoy some fruit salad and ditch the other no good desserts displayed.

• Is the cookout only having pizza? Then opt for a thin crust veggie pizza.

Remember cookouts are about socializing and enjoying the people around you not necessarily about who can eat the most food or which dish left you feeling the fullest.

I hope you see that we all have options to make this Memorial Day cookout weekend a success!

Enjoy yourselves, be safe, have fun and be fit!

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