Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebrating My Mother

On Sunday, May 9th all of us celebrated Mother's Day by acknowledging a woman that has bore a child, is a caretaker or just gave us love in some manner. Today I want to acknowledge my mom not just for the love that she continues to share with me but I would like to celebrate her weight loss accomplishments.

Often times we look to our moms for directions and guidance but in this instance I was the guidance for my dear mom. After seeing the success of myself and the other girls after appearing as the Healthy Housewives of Oz she decided that she would lean on me to help her achieve her waist loss goal. She signed up for our first 90 day Waist Loss Challenge which ended May 1st, strapped on her pedometer and started changing her eating habits.

To date my mom has lost 20 pounds and has gone from size 16/18 to a 10/12, YOU go Ma!

Mom thanks for always being my inspirationa and allowing me to inspire you.

Love ya!


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