Monday, August 9, 2010

Are you a Talker or a Doer?

Have you ever been engaged in a conversation where someone is talking about their plans to lose weight and become more active, they are so excited and have such detailed plans as to how they will be accomplishing their goals. This conversation is so inspiring that even you feed off their excitement and begin to craft your own plan on successful weight loss. You guys sit there and discuss the latest fad diets that you think may work for you, or maybe you consult the Internet for healthy living advice, or better yet you guys reach for your credit cards and and look to purchase a weight loss plan that have proven results as seen on TV.

Well here we are about a week or maybe a month later and you two are talking over a grease filled, highly caloric and artery clogging meal revisiting your initial conversation about your great weight loss plans. Oh but this time you guys were more health conscience and opted for that Diet Cola along with that 2000+ calorie meal.

Does that sound like YOU? At some point or another we have all been guilty of being talkers. It's wonderful to talk up a great plan and desire change yet it's another story to actually implement it and stick to it.

The truth is, it is not that difficult to evolve from being a talker to being a doer. What is necessary in order to switch over is to arm yourselves with the proper tools, an action plan and a positive attitude.

The day you decide to be a doer is the day you begin to implement healthy eating into your daily routine, you make the conscience effort to get physical activity in daily, and you decide that YOU are worth the change. As a doer you understand that the road ahead may be challenging however you do not quit at the sight of trouble instead you push through the hard times and revel in the good ones. As a doer you constantly seek guidance and learn from mistakes. You endure, push forward and never take no as an answer.

Are YOU a talker or a doer? Do You want help to transition from being a talker to a doer? If so, email us immediately and we promise to help you transition to being the doer YOU can be!

Let's no talk about it but be about it!!! The choice is yours.

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