Monday, September 6, 2010

There Can Be Success At Cookouts

Labor Day Weekend is upon us. It has traditionally been viewed by Americans as the symbolic end of summer. Celebrations range from picnics, barbecues, water sports, to firework displays. For those with school age children it's the last chance to travel before the little ones go back to school. For teenagers and young adults it's viewed as the last party weekend before hitting the books.

I am sure that many of you have been invited to all sorts of activities this weekend and are worried about steering away from your healthy habits. This is to be expected as there are tons of temptations lurking at social events. YOU Gals are not exempt to these temptations by any means. We too are aware of the pitfalls and have worked hard to prep ourselves prior to attending all these weekend activities.
Success comes with proper planning! On Sunday there was a huge gathering my family and I were to attend. Prior to attending I inquired about the menu so that I could begin to prepare myself. Knowing what was going to be on the menu allowed me to decide if I needed to eat prior to going or if there were going to be healthy options there that I could eat.

In my household planning for an event is very different. For me it means getting up and sticking to my normal schedule which includes getting in my steps early, eating breakfast and lunch as well as a snack in between. For my husband it means utter starvation leading up to the event. My husband is by no means a large man however in his mind skipping all meals up to the event means when the bells ring he can sit at the trough, pig out and enjoy each variety of food there. So not YOU Gal recommended!!

So how can you be successful at cookouts this Labor Day?

1. Skip the snacks and go straight to the dinner. Avoid the chips and head to the grill for some lean meats, healthy fixings and then step away from the food spread. Please don't be the salad eater at the party! You'll feel like your depriving yourself. Instead build a healthy plate with smart choices.

2. Keep your hands full. Studies have shown when people keep a drink in their hand they are less likely to graze. Grab some unsweetened tea, water, club soda or crystal light and get social.

3. Chew gum. Sometimes when we see others eat we feel the need to do the same avoid this pitfall by chewing on sugar free gum.

4. Plan ahead - eat before the party if you know no healthy options will be there.

5. Bring a dish. You can bring a healthy dish that way you know there will be something there that you can eat.

6. Enjoy the fellowship! You were invited to the party because they wanted YOU there so get social and have a great time!

YOU Gals is wishing everyone a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!

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