Monday, May 9, 2011

Stacy gone M.I.A?!?!?!

In my infamous Dr. Oz TV appearance voice, "Heeeeeeyyyyyy!" I know it seems like forever and a day since I last posted a blog. I must send out my apologies to you all, life has been coming at me hard and fast but I am moving strong and holding my head up.

So in the midst of life happening I have NOT completely fallen off plan or my activity schedule I have just had to make some readjustments here and there and made 1 or 2 u-turns as well. I will admit in the past two weeks I partook in a half a brownie sundae and even had a few sips of soda .. YIKES (No worries Dr. Roizen set me straight!!)! However, u-turn made, new schedule that actually fits into my life and those of my kids has been made and I am sticking to it and moving forward! After all I need to hit my goal before the end of this Sexy by Summer Challenge!

I made the dreaded trek across campus to the Fitness Center this morning to weigh in. I'll let you in on a little secret .. I hate weigh in time!!! The scale was actually quite mericful. Here are my results:

Weight: Lost 5lbs
Waist - Lost 1/2 inch

I'd say for encountering some minor setbacks this is not bad at all! This also opened my eyes to the need of consistency. No matter what life throws at us stick to your master plan and what is important to you, granted we may be side tracked and even down for a minute but we MUST get back up and continue to strive for what we want!

So if you find that life threw you into a rut don't stay down. Dust yourself off and keep on moving forward. If you need assiantance never be afraid to ask for it.

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