Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Up and Moving

Hey all! I'm still moving slow and YOU Gal Stacy says that I'm running too much, not resting enough and need to go back to the doctor so I think that I may take her up on slowing down, getting some rest and revisiting the doctor. My baby girl is doing much better after a trip to the ER, doctors office, a couple of days in the hospital and follow up trip to the doctors office and some TLC from mom and dad.

I've been hitting those steps off and on and steering clear of the felons. Feeling the way that I do makes you not want to eat and I'm not a whinner and I hate taking meds or going to the doctor but this time around somehting has to give.

I weighed in this morning and the scale says I'm up .7 lbs so weighing in at 181.9.

Welcome back to all of you who were on spring break, under the weather of just not reporting in. Let's dust ourselves off and getter done!

If you aren't feeling well make sure your focus is on getting better and eating right, the weight/waist loss will come.

Happy Stepping!


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