Friday, February 26, 2010

Before and After Pics - You Gal Stacy

You Gal Stacy started her weight loss journey September 15, 2009 when she appeared as a guest on the nationally televised Dr. Oz show. As she said on the first show "my big girl numbers are plastered all over the television" so she decided that she needed to make a change and she started down the road of waist loss following the principals in the book YOU: On a Diet, acquiring 10,000 steps daily and most importantly support from her family and friends.

As she lost the weight folk told her how great she looked but since she sees herself every day it was hard for her to notice the changes. YOU Gal Toni was complimenting Stacy on her success and how far she had come but she still didn't quite see it so we decided to have her take a picture so that we could compare her progress. So while Stacy is still on her journey her progress is definitely noticable.

Let's applaude her for her success of 36 lbs lost and 10 inches from her waist! YOU go Stacy!!!!

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