Friday, February 26, 2010

Fitness Fridays

As discovered last week I love to move and groove and shake my tail feather! These You Gals have some serious aerobic dance steps in us. Since dancing was such a success last week I decided this week’s Fitness Friday would be along the same lines - dancing!

Recently I purchased “Just Dance” for Wii. It’s an interactive game that contains 32 tracks that range from the disco 70’s to the grooving 80’s and up through the 90’s. Your job is to get a remote and mimic the dance moves the on screen silhouette demonstrates. The more moves you successfully mimic the more points you rack up.

Some of the dances you are required to do are the mashed potato, the whop, M.C. Hammer, and other classic steps. It cracks me up just to attempt some of these dance moves – I could only imagine what I look like. Here I am working up a sweat and panting attempting to rack up all my points and my kids are on the couch in pure hysterics.

The real fun comes in when there is a little friendly competition. Normally my daughter and I have a “dance off” she is just so determined to beat me and there is no way I can let her put me to shame. She would never let me live it down. So here I am panting away on the verge of passing out and I look over and she is not even getting ready to break a sweat. I think to myself, “my goodness this is track #3 and she is showing no signs of exhaustion!!!” I dig deep, grab some water and get to moving and grooving. Then my moment comes the next song is up – it’s my jam!!!! I look at my pedometer and realized in these past 40 minutes I racked up 4000 steps!!! Amazing! I feel re-energized and ready to get down with my song. It’s like a Zumba dance and is right up my alley. So the aching in my feet and sheer muscle fatigue can’t hold me back. I am pumping, dipping low, wailing my arms, shaking what my mama gave me, throwing in some Samba moves and getting into this dance. Oh my, the scores are off the charts my poor daughter does not have a chance and she realizes it but just like her mama she can’t give up. It’s a race to the finish. Songs over and the winner is ….. YOU Gal Stacy!!!!

The moral of my story is exercising should be fun. Have fun with it! Dance your heart away and enjoy every moment.

Oh and total steps for 50 minutes of fun was 6500!!! Whew not too bad!!!

Stay tuned to next week’s fitness adventure.

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