Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just recently my grandma spent some time here with my family and me. Anyone who knows my grandma knows that if it’s on her mind that she is going to say it. So while I think that sometimes grandma can keep some stuff to herself, those who are near and dear to me love to point out that I am similar to my grandma, meaning that there are times when I have limited to no filter but I don’t think so…lol.

Well on her last visit as she sat across the table from me she looks me dead in the eye and says… better hope Dr. Oz doesn’t call you back any time soon, you’ve gained weight. I’m like WT…

I tried to explain to her yes I had put on some weight, I wasn’t always hitting those steps or amping up that cardio but I was back on it and was sure that if the show called that I would be more than a welcomed guest.

As part of Sexy by Summer I want to start by getting down to my original goal weight that I reached and boy was I cute…lol. I had reached 175 lbs and was doing well but got a little lazy with the winter months and there you have it at the beginning of Sexy by Summer and weighing in at 188.6 lbs.

Today I was preparing for a women’s social at my church (shout out to Redeemed Assembly of Jesus Christ!!!) where me of all folk would be speaking about weight loss, my journey and what it takes to maintain….I’m still working on the latter. So, I was watching the video footage from the show finale and realized that I was back to my finale weight of 181 pounds. I know that’s not a lot to be proud of but what I can say to my grandma is that if they call me back, I’m good to go! I think that I’ll call her NOW!!!

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