Saturday, April 2, 2011

On the Road Again

It's Saturday and this YOU Gal is up and at em! I think that I just needed some rest. Being wife, momma, administrative assistant and YOU Gal Toni can wear on you sometime. Last night I was able to share the bed with me….that’s right just me and got some much needed rest.

I’ve thought about going out and walking a bit to get it in but since I was up until 1:30 last night and it’s 8:19 and I’ve been surfing the web since 7:30….I think that I’ll go back to sleep. Got a great day planned. My new gff is having her bridal gathering today and she decided to do a line dance party. So off again to line dance for my life (said in my RuPaul voice), but that’s not until 4. I promise to get some walking done then dance into the night!

Steps: 10047 (I missed the mark on 12,000 Thursday’s but wait till next week!)
Activities: Walking
Mood: asi asi (translation – so so)

Breakfast: Fresh Fruit (melons & berries)
Snack: none (I need to go to the grocery store!)
Lunch: turkey sandwich w/banana peppers and mustard on 100% whole wheat bread & sautéed vegetable medley
Snack: Turkey sandwich (I was hungry)
Dinner: homemade chicken, vegetable and rice soup
Snack: 100% whole grain apple cinnamon muffin

Steps: 7038 (So in this case please do as I say not as I do! But we’ll be moving to more of the follow the leader status starting NOW!)
Activities: Walking
Mood: bueno (translation – ok)

Breakfast: 100% whole grain apple cinnamon muffin
Snack: None
Lunch: homemade chicken, vegetable and rice soup
Snack: None
Dinner: Turkey sandwich
Snack: homemade chicken, vegetable and rice soup

I guess in reading this I really do need to go to the store....I'll put that on my list of things to do for today as well!

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